BUT, WE WILL. Everyone has to die because the wages of sin is death, physically. Everyman or woman who has ever lived has died eventually. FROM ADAM TO TODAY/.

The good new ? God provided an easy way to not stay dead? Really?

Yes, all of our sins can be forgiven. From birth to death? doing so we can be resurrected at a time, to live with JESUS AKA GOD! LIVE FOREVER
DO YOU BELIEVE THIS PILGRIM. Sounds to good to be true? Its not!

Jesus is GOD,
was before the earth was formed. He died on the cross and arose from the death on a third day/ Whoever can have faith? Believe in something not seen. God gives this gift completely out of love for you and me.

Mankind refuses to believe, because they say ?? Its too good to be true? Well its not. Just like hearing thunder, you believe its going to rain, somewhere?

The best way to believe in Jesus/ I would say? By reading MATHEW, MARK, LUKE AND JOHN, THOUGHLY. Let JESUS ad the HOLY SPIRIT TALK TO YOU.AFTER, this? Talk to someone who knows the BIBLE, FOR FURTHER information. What do you have to lose?

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