Life Without God Has No Meaning

LIVING THE LIFE WITH GOD is hard enough, Living without? Impossible

God is Good!

Catacombs of Paris. Image taken in October 2007 by Djtox, via Wikipedia

Some years ago in Paris, I visited the catacombs, the burial ground of the dead of the City back in the time around 1850 A.D. These catacombs, located under elegant boulevards in the central park of Paris, opened a new way of thinking for me about life.

I went down 100 feet below the unending sound of traffic and the rush of life above. The eerie silence of the tomb enveloped me. I said to myself this is the way it will be when they close the lid on my coffin. In my 45 minute walk through this House of the Dead, (I was the only one there), I saw pyramids of skulls on both sides.

I said to myself, “Is this the way my life is going to end? Why am I so taken up with…

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