WHEN WE HAVE JESUS  on the inside, We are trying daily to follow his instructions about life,,When we believe he is the reason for living and dyeing, He is the only son of God,,Who was born by a Virgin, lived and was crucified on the Cross, arose 3 days later to defeat death and provide a way? His blood spilled from the garden to the cross cleanes us of our sins,  If we are sorry for every sin we have commited, If we repent,?

God will look at you and me and only see his son!!

HE has to be asked to be your savior and really mean everything!


If we never attept to know Jesus and the word?  We have decided our own verdict, in the Judgement court of GOD,  ” You are in a heap of trouble.” There is no second chance, no saying I didnt know! God is not sending you to a place for the devil and his demons. you made the decision when you were alive. Its over for you my friend, How can you ignore anything as imprtant as knowing JESUS?  BELIEVE THIS OR NOT?  I WILL not descibe the horrors of HELL..WHY?  yoy won’t believe it anyhow/.

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