Just a country boy! have eaten everything but crows, bats,and cats, I use to get in trouble as a kid, everyday,  They called me the MLB .

For some reason I was blamed for all the windows shot out with my RED DAISY BB gun.I had a cousin who came up with the ideas that got me in trouble.  I remember every incident.Maybe it was because, I was the only kid with a bb gun?


Ron my man ,was always by my side .edging me on. Not one time did he get in trouble, not once. He dared me to say a prayer the 3 stooges quoted at a lunch time gathering? “HOLY GOD HOLY GHOST, the one who eats the fastest will get the most.” Needless to say, old stone face, smacked me with a newspaper across my left ear. She had no sense of humor?


What an exciting life.I had as a kid.  (an attention problem. No one knew about.) IT was I couldn’t sit very long in one place, without opening my trap. super competitive,,I had to win every game, no matter what it was in school, I took clothes pin in a milk bottle very seriously.

In grade school. I spent more time in retention than going to school,never enjoyed a recess until the 7 grade. I could go on for ever about the life I enjoyed,,but, I finally made it? OR DID I?

YOU think the little rascals was a close knit bunch?  We were closer,,no telephones or hand held,, contraptions…



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