id you know ~
It is this same King Herod that eighteen months earlier was moved to conviction by the preaching
of John the Baptist. Herod liked to listen to John preach and whene
ver he did, his heart was
stirred. But Herod’
s wif
e, Herodias, hated John for pointing out the fact she was living in sin with
him. One night during a drunken party, Herod offered up to one

half his kingdom to his daughter
for dancing before the king and h
is drunken friends. Herodias duped the king by having her ask
for the head of John. Now, a year and a half later, although delighted to meet Jesus, Herod was
no longer convicted by hearing truth; his conscience had become seared. The lesson in this is:
careful to listen when God speaks. Answer the door of your heart when He knocks. He’ll knock
more than once; but if you ignore His voice long enough, like Herod, you’ll go from hearing Him
gladly to treating Him contemptuously. Beware: then there will be n
o sense of guilt or fear of
appearing before God one day to answer for your sIN!!

LARRY,,,In the Bible, it talks about 2 in the field,,one taken and one left behind? A husband or wife who refuses to believe,,all young children should learn about Jesus,

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