Believe this or not?  God chose the people he wants to spend eternity!!  All we have to do? Is believe in JESUS, BIRTH, DEATH, RESSURECTION AND He is our Savior , FORGIVES US OF ALLL THE EARTH SINS PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE.

HE WAS THE PERFECT SACRAFICE FOR OUR SINS, He had never sinned. JESUS AKA was given all the authority, until He puts his final enemy under his feet. The he will turn the ruling over to the father.

If you want to learn more about Christ, please read Mathew MARK, LUKE, and John in the new testament or on the internet.  HAPPY NEW YEARS.PLEASE FIND CHRIST IN 2018, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE??pILGRIM


One Response to “DID YOU KNOW?”

  1. GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAY YOU HAVE DONE ON EARTH. He is the only one who died to pay for the sins of Adam, you and me.

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