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Can You Be Christian and a Democrat? g By David Ruzicka , CP Op-Ed Contributor | Apr 13, 2016 12:50 PM The views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of The Christian Post or its editors. (Photo: Reuters/Yuri Gripas) U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the Foundry United Methodist Church’s bicentennial service in Washington, September 13, 2015. Quick answer: Of course! But that’s the wrong question so read on. So I’ve heard some folks really don’t like Trump. I get it. He’s a proud and unrepentant adulterer, says he’s a Christian who’s never repented (two mutually exclusive positions), has called about 70 people names just during this primary cycle, and exhibits the emotional maturity of an eight-year-old bully in his speech and on twitter. One anti-Trump hashtag that has made the rounds is #MakeAmerica8Again. But then I’ve heard Christian folks say, if he’s the nominee, they’ll vote Democrat. Which brings up an important question: can you be a Christian and vote Democrat? Important: I’m not a Republican and this is not an endorsement of the Republican Party OR Donald Trump. I have no love for the establishment of that party. Now before you get whacked out that a pastor is talking about politics, remember, the Word of God intersects with ALL areas of life. There was another country where the pastors refused to talk about politics — Germany circa 1933-1945. Christian pastors thought that political parties shouldn’t be mentioned — too messy and “earthy,” while they were more “kingdom” minded. They praised Jesus in church while Jews were slaughtered in concentration camps. Except for a small number of pastors. The most famous and politically radical member, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, is considered a hero today. He was hung for plotting to kill Hitler. Talk about a political move. Praise God for him! And how evil are those pastors who refused to “sully” themselves in politics. So — I have no problem discussing politics and faith in areas where lives are actually at stake, and I hope you’ll understand why by the time you’re done reading. So back where we started — can you be a Christian and vote Democrat? Of course! That’s like asking if a person can be a convicted ax murderer and a Christian. Karla Fay Tucker seemed to prove that’s possible. Can a person be a Mary Kay consultant and a Christian? I’m pretty sure Mary Kay is. There are all kinds of things a person can do — both sinful and morally neutral, and still be a Christian. Can a person talk about walls and still be a Christian? Sorry…the Pope said no and he’s as wrong as he can be, and as far from the Gospel of Jesus Christ as he can be on this (hint: God told Nehemiah to build a wall). A person can be a Democrat and be a Christian. Nothing else I have ever said or will say should be interpreted to contradict that. But I ALSO believe that’s 100% the wrong question. The right question is: SHOULD a Christian be a Democrat? You tell me — how bad does a group have to become for it to be wrong to be part of it? Would it be wrong to be in the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi) in 1940 Germany as they are slaughtering Jews? Of course! But what if a party’s official platform endorsed the ending of not just six million lives, but 57 million? Would that be bad enough to say it’s wrong to be in it? Consider the Democratic Party and Abortion: To be a “Democrat” means that you have embraced with whatever support you give the party the Holy Grail, the Great Sacrament, the One-Thing-That-Cannot-Be-Argued in the Democratic Party. And that is abortion on demand, for any reason, all the time, any place, up to the second of birth, as much as possible. Reminder! — I’m not saying you should be a Republican. I’m not one. Their weakness has kind of made me ill over the last couple of years. It’s actually very easy to objectively prove that the Democratic Party aids in the taking of more human life by any means than the other party — with political will, with lawmaking, with court appointments and with dollars given to the abortion industry. Consider: 1. The Democratic Party has one dominant sacrament. Abortion. Any time, any place, any age woman, at any point in the pregnancy. No other issue more defines the party or is more important than abortion. It has cost 57 million lives since 1974. Real lives. Real babies. 2. Since the 1970s, The Democratic Party has ONLY appointed justices to the Supreme Court who vigorously support abortion as an inalienable right for all women at all times (The other party has tried to appoint only pro-life judges and has appointed possibly five who oppose abortion as a right — Rehnquist, Thomas, Scalia, Alito, and Roberts). 3. The Democratic Party savagely and violently attacks, defames and seeks to destroy by any means any Supreme Court candidate who might be pro-life. Why? For the sin of being pro-life, i.e., Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito, Ted Kennedy’s famous speech defaming Robert Bork. 4. The Democratic Party will not let ANY pro-life members of the party speak during its national conventions. Intolerant in the extreme. 5. The Democratic Party demands that 100% of its presidential candidates be pro-abortion. You have NEVER seen a pro-life Democrat candidate for President in your lifetime. Isn’t that bizarre? Polls show only 40% of the country is pro-choice while 50% is pro-life. But not ONE pro-life candidate. Wow. 6. Candidates that switched from pro-life to pro-choice include Jimmy Carter, Senator Dick Durbin (didn’t run but he wanted to be a big deal for a while), former Representative Richard Gephardt, Representative Dennis Kucinich, the (non)Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Al Gore. All pro-life until they sold their souls for a chance at power. Click here to read a particularly eloquent defense of life by Jesse Jackson, before he abandoned these very views to be accepted by the Democratic Party as a Presidential candidate. It’s a little over half way down the page. 7. The Democratic Party fights any and all limitations designed to save the life of babies who survive an abortion. 8. The Party’s currently leader, the President, is the most virulently anti-life candidate in our history. He voted against the “born alive” act that would protect the life of a baby who survives an abortion. He was actually to the left of NARAL on this. That’s hard to pull off. Number Nine: This last number needs to be separate because it’s a particularly vicious and racist evil. The Democratic Party and current candidates actively (and I’d say rabidly) support Planned Parenthood — a racist organization founded by eugenicist, Margaret Sanger. She hated black people and wanted to get rid of them. Ever wonder why 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics are in minority neighborhoods (and just think of that — 79% of all their abortion clinics!)? Because, in founding Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger said, “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” So from the beginning, the clinics were put in minority neighborhoods. If you’re going to exterminate a people, you’ve got to be close to where they live. Free sign up cp newsletter! Sign up Related 10 Things You Gotta Know About Revelation Waving the Rainbow Flag and Declaring Christ? Five Points to Consider 3 Things to Know About Courage, Sex Change and God The results are astounding. While black Americans make up only 12.6% of the population, since 1973 they’ve made up 37% of all abortions. Abortion has reduced the black population by 30%. More than any other ethnic group (although Hispanic abortions are also wildly disproportional to their overall representation in the country (you can read more here)). So from those nine reasons, it’s very clear that objectively, the Democratic Party is responsible for, and proudly claims responsibility for, 57 million lives taken in abortion. The Democratic Party collectively yawned when videos were released showing Planned Parenthood folks talking about selling baby parts. More humans lives have been lost through abortion than in any Republican military action or by capital punishment or by gun violence or starvation or racism (all the reasons a person might give for voting Democrat). On lives taken — the Democratic Party win hands down. And I get it. If Donald is the Republican candidate, who knows what he will do? But he has said he’s pro-life (I know! He doesn’t even say that in a really good way!). But he’s also surrounded himself with folks who are pro-life. But with the information above, you KNOW what Democratic Party will do. They will continue to put judges in place that will expand abortion rights even further than they are now, and guarantee that abortion will continue unrestricted for another 20 to 40 years. They will continue to fund Planned Parenthood. And they will continue to push and promote their Holy Grail, their Great Sacrament, their great Non-Negotiable — unfettered abortion up to the moment of birth. So you decide — what reason could a Christian give for being a part of a group that actively fights for the ability to kill the most vulnerable in our society? So SHOULD a Christian be a Democrat? It’s life and death, and the answer is no. Originally posted at 12d qShare on facebook rShare on twitter g

March 15, 2018

BUT Vthose who walk in wisdom are kept safe. 27 Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses.(A PERSON who is blessed? But, refuses to help a poor man? Is the same one who says” I don’t go to Church, they are all hypocrits and money beggars?”

March 15, 2018
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