We all think of our MOM’S IN MAY!  !I noticed a large amount are looking forward to seeing her again , someday,

May I remind you.  Your mother didn’t go with CHRIST, for going to church, being baptized, or reading the BIBLE.

Our Mothers went thru a process known as being BORN AGAIN!!! ..Its a matter, of asking JESUS for FORGIVENESS, FOR ALL OUR SINS. Asin anything done against the commands of GOD.

Recognizing who he is, son of God, WHAT HE DID>? GAVE HIS LIFE AS A SINLESS PERSON , as a sacrifice with his Holy Blood.

SHE put all her faith and her life into Jesus CHRIST.  Up until JESUS. THE SACRAFICE WAS WITH ANIMAL BLOOD,  The Jews had to go back every year and sacrifice a lamb or A  Goat  ,Jesus gave his life, He finished his work on Calvary,

BEING born again is a requirement from all people who expect to live forever with GOD, IN HIS KINGDOM. In MATHEW, Jesus recites?  “The only way, to the father is thru JESUS.”  If you haven’t been born again, pilgrim, you won’t see your momma in HEAVEN.

AMEN  The way of the CROSS leads home!!





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