How many people reading this really understand the day called Christmas?

Christmas is the day to celebrate the birthday BIRTHDAY OF Jesus Christ, not some dude called Santa Kringle or Claus?

Jesus is the third part of the TRINITY. Jesus is the most important man you will come to know in life. Failure to do so? Has some very dark and gloomy consequences in a fiery pit.

When the DEVIL persuaded ADAM and EVE to sin in the Garden. Their WAGES brought death to the word, forever.

God already knew the Devil would do the very thing. So, Presented an promotion. A deal to the people of the world. Anyone, who put their hope and faith in his son. could enjoy ever lasting life.we have a choice.

Be obedient to God’s way or the way of SATAN’S.

A person by researching the BIBLE. Will read about JESUS and the CROSS. Jesus WILL FORGIVE ever sin you have ever committed since birth. Jesus will become your savior, if asked. He will live in your heart as well.

Jesus died on the CROSS, resurrected and defeated the Devil and death. He is coming back to earth soon. If you haven’t ask him and believed?? YOU will die and never see your love ones again. Live with God and always live! Amen


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