Look at King Saul, and see the difference between him and King David.  David fell as low as Saul and a good deal lower – he fell from a higher pinnacle, but what was the difference between the two?  David turned back to God and confessed his sin and got forgiven.  But look at King Saul.  There was no repentance there, and God couldn’t save him till he repented.  You will find, all through the Scriptures, where men have repented God has forgiven them.  Look at that publican when he went up to pray; he felt his sin so great that he couldn’t look up to Heaven – all he could do was to smite his heart and cry “God forgive me a sinner.” There was turning to God –repentance, and that man went down to his home forgiven.  Look at that prodigal.  His father couldn’t forgive him while he was still in a foreign land and squandering his money in riotous living, but the moment he came home repentant, how soon that father forgave him – how quick he came to meet him with the word of forgiveness.  It wouldn’thave done any good to forgive the boy while he was in that foreign country unrepentant. He would have despised all favors and blessings from his father.  That is the position the sinner stands toward God.  He cannot be forgiven and get His blessing until he comes to God repenting of all his sins and asking the blessing.

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