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The Gospels — Jeffrey H. King’s Blog

April 7, 2019

The Gospels differ from the Old Testament in that they contain less history and more theology. They are written so much as to proclaim the Gospel as to expand on it. The Gospel is treated as a foregone conclusion to be further defined. Luke, for example, begins his Gospel… Inasmuch as many have undertaken to […] […]

How Far – Romans 8:35-36 — The Bottom of a Bottle

April 7, 2019

How Far – Romans 8:35-36 How far could I go? How much could I feel? That could ever separate My heart from Your love Is there a place so far? Or a feeling so deep? That I could ever reach And not find You there How Far – Romans 8:35-36 — The Bottom of a Bottle

Life Of Want – Hosea 5:7 — The Bottom of a Bottle

April 7, 2019

Life Of Want – Hosea 5:7 They continue to turn away Celebrate idols of superficial Living life in a faster lane Few worries for the world around them Money the foundation of their desires Stuck in a life of want A competition to be seen above Never knowing the God who loves From Him they […] […]

God’s Love Never Changes — Pure Glory

April 7, 2019

by Apostle Gabriel Cross Seasons change, relationships change, people change, emotions change, and many things change. But the Love of God and those who really love you, remain invariable. Real love never changes, for the worse, only for the better. © Crown of Glory International Ministries. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express […] […]

Joy Needs No Umbrella — Martha L Shaw – Poet, Writer, Artist

April 7, 2019

The sky was growing darker on a once bright cheery day. The baby, once bright and cheery, feared the darkness and wrath but I held her close to me loving her so much. Her face lit up and quickly brightened. She gave me a kiss and her heart melted into mine. Where was the once […] […]

6th April: 1 Samuel 14:24-16:23 – Making mistakes … — Praying Through God’s Word

April 7, 2019

1 Samuel 14:24-52 – Making mistakes – it’s part of life for all of us: ‘We all make mistakes. If any one makes no mistakes… he is a perfect man’ (James 3:2). What are we to make of the ‘mistakes’ made by Saul and Jonathan? Saul’s ‘mistake’ was an error of judgment which ‘troubled the […] […]

Thank You Readers And Subscribers! — Pure Glory

April 7, 2019

by Hazel Straub Thank you, to all of Pure Glory’s readers and subscribers for your support, of this blog. We now have 10,000, of those who have subscribed to our posts. You are appreciated. May you continue to be encouraged, inspired, challenged, on your faith walk, from our posts. Blessings and love to all of […] […]

Gifts Intertwined ~ — CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

April 7, 2019

Our spiritual gifts,God’s given to usand in them we needto put all out trust. He gave various talents,for us to use side by sidebut with the same Spiritwe are all occupied. God’s given us strengths,different levels of skilland we must all seek what for them is His will. He has bestowed on us,a variety of […] […]

I AM the Resurrection, and the Life and more Blessings!! — Kristi Ann’s Haven

April 7, 2019

Please Pray for Israel and our Christian Earth and USA ( John 11:25-26 KJV ) “Jesus-Yeshua Christ-Messiah Said unto her, I AM the Resurrection, and the Life: he that Believeth in ME, though he were dead, yet shall he Live: And whosoever Liveth and Believeth in ME shall never die. Believest thou this.?”!! ( Matthew […]

Reflections on a Lord’s Day in the Year of our Lord 2001 — God’s Grace ~ God’s Glory!

April 7, 2019

(Written on the afternoon of the Lord’s Day, September 23, 2001) Imagine a soldier in the service of his country who is given an order. Instead of obeying, he says, “I cannot because I have something else to do.” Or he says, “Let me check with my wife to see if we have other plans.” […] […]

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