Dr Jeremiah


THE WORLD According to Jesus

Turning Point

Dr. David Jeremiah

Futurologists have many
predictions about what our world will be like in the coming years. They
predict that 30,000 drones will be patrolling the skies of the United
States next year and that high-speed trains will be operating in the
Northeastern U.S. beginning in 2021. And apparently driverless
hover-taxis will be transporting people in Dubai in 2022. But
transportation isn’t the only area where change is taking place—changes
are in store for space too. China is predicted to complete their first
space station in 2022, and a lunar mission will drill into the moon’s
south pole in 2024. Futurologists are also expecting unemployment will
start soaring in 2025. And if you’re becoming forgetful, in 2023, you’ll
be able to receive a brain implant to restore your lost memories. And
finally, if you’re a chocolate lover, you might want to start…

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