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War on America: American Education Failing, producing Ignorance of History, Socialism-loving Millennials

November 30, 2019

About Resurrection — Jlue’s Weblog – A Christian Perspective

November 30, 2019

Christianity hinges on one event – The RESURRECTION of Christ Jesus! WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES The word, resurrection (ἀνάστασις (anastasis) means “to stand”) – literally, “stand up” (or “stand again”), referring to physical resurrection (of the body). This Word is used 40 times in the New Testament in reference to Christ’s resurrection. Prior to His […] […]

30th November: Psalm 17:1-15

November 30, 2019

Originally posted on Daily Devotional Readings:
Here is the prayer of a man whose earnest desire is to walk with God, to have a close walk with God in the centre of His will (5). His prayer is sincere. It ‘does not rise from deceitful lips’ (1). He is painfully aware of ‘the onslaughts of…

As The Storm Rages ~

November 30, 2019

Originally posted on CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann:
As the storm rages, as the gusts blow as the reeling waves mount up and grow. Let Jesus your heart, quill and quiet till the battering winds are calm and silent. As the gales whip, as they howl and roar as the frigid rain on top of…

“Amir Tsarfati: Special Middle East Update: What’s Next for Netanyahu?” on YouTube

November 30, 2019

To You and Yours

November 28, 2019

Originally posted on A Mom Looking Up:
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“Amir Tsarfati: Special Middle East Update: What’s Next for Netanyahu?” on YouTube

November 26, 2019

History Facts: George Washington, Thanksgiving to God

November 26, 2019

Originally posted on Epicworld Dinner Topics:
Thanksgiving Dinner Topics Before the mad rush to shop for Christmas on Black Friday, let us pause to give thanks to God–not the government– for our daily bread. Many of our ancestors came to America for liberty. If it weren’t for their hard work and moral character, we would…

For God so loved the world …

November 26, 2019

Glory Revealed – Colossians 1:27

November 26, 2019
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