For all who refuse to listen to the HOLY SPIRIT?

Unless you do? This world is all that’s left in your future. God will not send to to eternal agony and darkness! You will send yourself and probably your immediate family as well? If you don’t see the lord or an ANGEL after death ? Its “Katie bar the door” You should d have taken all the wackos in the real world ?

Lets back up to world living. Most likely you were a very unhappy person ?living in your hopeless way of life. All your money went into things? Big RV’s, Boats, expensive cars, Houses, This was your world. You hated the so called hypocritical Christians in your family. Your God was politics. A political leader who you passionately loved. This was our life!

Divorces was a common word concerning you and the kids. The kids grew up thinking their —- didn’t smell bad!! Your friends were limited to the internet. Narcissistic in nature! Hew world look at me I am great!

God worshiping would have prevenyed a lot of heartaches and agony after death…page 2

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