Fibbing Friday, 13th Dec, my response


Here we go with PCGuyIV’s Fibbing Friday questions

  1. Why is Friday the 13th considered bad luck?
    The 13th child was born on Friday the 13th but was a girl and so could not join the family Rugby League team.
  2. What was The Nightmare Before Christmas really about?
    Bad cheese.
  3. Why is the last day of the work week called “Friday”?
    It was the only day of the week to have fried eggs.
  4. What is triskaidekaphobia?
    The fear of being tricked.
  5. What’s the most frightening fact about today, Friday, December 13th?
    I’ve spent a month’s food money on underwear!
  6. Why is Christmas always on December 25th?
    If it was the 26th it would all be over.
  7. What does legend say happens at midnight between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
    Mrs Claus gets the night off.
  8. Who or what is Krampus?
    A cat with arthritis.
  9. Who is Black Peter?
    A pirate.
  10. What…

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