God will turn his back on the Following

According to the Bible, there are seven kinds of people that God cannot save. Pastor John Hagee, brought forth this sermon at his church in San Antonio, Texas. It was also televised on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and Daystar Television in January of 2011.

  When I first heard this title, it made me stop and think for a minute. I have always known of only one sin that God would not forgive. That sin was called blaspheme of the Holy Spirit. After hearing what Pastor Hagee had to say, you quickly realize that it is not that God cannot or will not save these seven kinds of people. These individuals are so just engrossed in their sin, that they have no intentions of repenting.

  Here are the seven kinds of people that God cannot save:

  1. A self righteous person – (Luke 18:9, Matthew 5:20). These kinds of people do not need God because they are their own god. In today’s world people are very self centered. They care for no one but themselves. Many are racist and do not want to have anything to do with people who are of a different culture or nationality. This is a big sin in God’s eyes because He created everyone equal.

  2. Those who don’t believe – God has given us all free will and it is up to you if you stand in darkness or light. Some people make the excuse that they only believe in things that they can see. Once a university professor told the class that he only believes in things that he can see. Pastor John Hagee approached him and asked, “Do you see electricity, atoms and energy?” The professor’s response was “No.” Pastor Hagee’s response was that you don’t see them but still believe in them because we could not function without them.

  3. Coming to salvation another way – John 14:6 says “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Many people believe in more than one way to God, but the Bible is very clear that Jesus is the only way to heaven. Only the blood of Jesus can wash away our sins.

  4. Hypocrites – (Matthew 23:13, John 14:24). A hypocrite says one thing and does another. He/she are a righteous person one day and another day can be hateful and bitter.

  5. Blaspheme the Holy Spirit – (Matthew 12:31, 32). This is an intentional rejection for what Christ has done on the cross. God knows that those who commit this sin will never repent and turn to Him.

  6. After someone dies – Many people have asked for prayers of loved ones after they have passed away. It is too late. They are already in heaven or hell. The time to accept Christ is when you are alive on earth. That’s why the Bible says that “Today is the day of salvation.” You never know if you will get another opportunity to repent of your sins.

  7. Apostates – (II Peter 2: 20-22) these are known as backsliders or people who knew the truth at one time then turned away. The Bible says that it would have been better if they had never known than to fall away.

  God is a loving God and will forgive anyone who comes to Him. It does not matter what you have done or what your past is like. You may fall into one of these seven categories, but if you really mean business with God and are through playing games, He will forgive you. That is what salvation is all about. The Bible says that He will forgive the worst, vilest, sinner. Even if you were once following Him, and turned away, He will take you back again if you mean business. He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for your sins and mine so we can have eternal life in heaven. If not, your eternal home will be hell. If you are serious about your commitment to God, don’t delay any longer. No one is guaranteed another day on this earth. You may be a healthy person and think that you will live long, but you never know when an accident could suddenly take your life.

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    Don’t let anyone die who may tell JESUS he didn’t know!

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