God will turn his back on the Following

Don’t let anyone die who may tell JESUS he didn’t know!


According to the Bible, there are seven kinds of people that God cannot save. Pastor John Hagee, brought forth this sermon at his church in San Antonio, Texas. It was also televised on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and Daystar Television in January of 2011.

When I first heard this title, it made me stop and think for a minute. I have always known of only one sin that God would not forgive. That sin was called blaspheme of the Holy Spirit. After hearing what Pastor Hagee had to say, you quickly realize that it is not that God cannot or will not save these seven kinds of people. These individuals are so just engrossed in their sin, that they have no intentions of repenting.

Here are the seven kinds of people that God cannot save:

1. A self righteous person – (Luke 18:9, Matthew 5:20). These kinds of people do…

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