2 PEOPLE YOU LOVED AND CHERISHED IN AN AUTOMOBILE. One went to Heaven, He believed in the life of Jesus! He asked for forgiveness, ask Jesus to live with him in spirit, Believed Jesus. was the son of the all living GOD,

He died on the cross for all our sins, present and future,

He arose on the third day, by his father/. Jesus is on the right side of God. Waiting to come and take the believers home.

The other guy did not believe in Jesus at all. he would make in character.

jokes about the wizard in the oz movie. He was agnostic.

These two men. were given the opportunity, to describe the environments of their souls?

If you are Christain

, and read God’s word. you already know what the Heaven guy would tell you? About Heaven and Hell. The guy in hell needs, water, and a fire extinguisher

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