Cross at Calvary


How can anyone not believe in Jesus Christ? In him, we have the all eternal God, the father, A God who loved the world so much he was willing to die for all of us, so we could live and not die.

For MOST people who believe in Christ, follow God’s Commandments, we never die…Death is the beginning of life forever and ever.
When EVE sinned, she brought death upon the earth. A man was supposed to live forever,, They chose not to be obedient and sinned, with Satan, in the Garden. Some people say Eve had sex with Satan Himself?

She sinned, and sin brings on death and judgment.
The only way anyone could not die forever was to have a sacrifice die in our place. (be separated from god)

That is what Jesus Christ did for you and me. He died and did everything possible in our place…

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