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How about making simple?

February 16, 2019

love your lord with all your heart all the [ neighbors the same Make Jesus the lord of your life. His father watched him die on the cross for all who beleve in, himfor ever lasting life. Jesus Christ is the one, to be able to walk and talk with the HEAVENLY Father. Advertisements


February 15, 2019

David’s Plea for Forgiveness “Hide your face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities” (v. 9).- Psalm 51:1–9 Repentance for sin and serving Christ go hand in hand, such that you cannot repent for sin unless you are a servant of Christ, and you cannot serve Christ unless you repent for sin. Generations of Christians have […]


February 15, 2019

Originally posted on meanlittleboy2:
Resource with John Piper Topic: Faith The following is an edited transcription of the audio. If I believe that Jesus is the Son of God the same way that I believe that Vladimir Putin is the leader of Russia, have I fulfilled the conditions needed to be saved? Or is there…


February 15, 2019

The only way to God is his son Jesus Christ?

Someday You Will Read or Hear That Billy Graham Didn’t Really Say That The quote that went viral after Graham’s death actually came from D. L. Moody—but he probably wouldn’t mind. CALEB LINDGREN| FEBRUARY 21, 2018 Someday You Will Read or Hear That Billy Graham Didn’t Really Say That Image: Getty Images In the wake of Billy Graham’s death, many have recalled the evangelist’s most pithy phrases and memorable lines in posts across social media. The onslaught of quotes comes as a fitting homage to a man who was known for his words, which brought the good news of the gospel to millions. [Read CT’s special tribute issue.] Current Issue Church’s Bible LegacySubscriber access onlyCan Anger at God Be Righteous?Subscriber access onlyWho Owns a Woman’s Body? Not Who You Think.Subscriber access only Free Newsletters Get the best from CT editors, delivered straight to your inbox!Stay informed with updates from CT Direct, CT Weekly, CT Women, Books & Culture and Gallireport newsletters Email Address submit MORE NEWSLETTERS The most viral quotation from the late preacher—at one point shared every 15 seconds on Twitter—addresses Graham’s own view of his death: Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God. It’s a stirring remark that captures the heart of the evangelist’s life and message—his focus on the gospel and his confidence in eternity. No wonder denominational leaders, commentators, Christian musicians, evangelists, reality TV stars, pastors, and thousands of others posted this popular quote attributed to Graham after his death. The saying makes for a particularly apt tribute given that Graham, the most prominent preacher and evangelist of the 20th century, actually adapted it from the most prominent preacher and evangelist of the 19th century, Dwight L. Moody. The original version appears in the first line of Moody’s autobiography, released in 1900. It reads: Some day you will read in the papers that D. L. Moody, of East Northfield, is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it! At that moment I shall be more alive than I am now. I shall have gone up higher, that is all; out of this old clay tenement into a house that is immortal—a body that death cannot touch; that sin cannot taint; a body fashioned like unto His glorious body. Some reading these familiar words might cry foul and accuse Graham of plagiarism, making the recent social media tributes seem tainted with dishonesty. Such a characterization would be unfair. As biographer William Martin observes, Moody was one of Graham’s heroes; it makes sense that Graham would pattern himself after that great Chicago revivalist. Graham never claimed credit for the words, though he identified with the message they express. He was in lockstep with Moody’s understanding of life and death and the hope of heaven so much so that he had very little to add. The most prominent source of Graham’s version, which updates Moody’s words with 20th century idioms at the end, appears to come from the 1999 photo biography Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador, which is cited as the reference for the line in a book of quotes later released by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

February 14, 2019


February 14, 2019

D.L. MOODY D.L. Moody – On February 5, 1837 in Northfield, Massachusetts Dwight Lyman Moody was born the sixth child of Edwin and Betsy Holton Moody. He started Moody Church and preached in the slums, emphasizing literal interpretation of the Bible and the need to prepare for the Second Coming. In 1870 he teamed up with […]


February 14, 2019

D.L. Moody Weekly: Seeking the Kingdom First S Now I want to call your attention to the other text I spoke of. My text is both a question and a command. The question is “What seek ye?” and the command is this: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these […]

February 13, 2019

13th February: Proverbs 8:1-36 2h ago daily devotional readings Proverbs Hoping for ‘good luck’, some people expect good things to happen to them – all the time! God says, ‘Seek wisdom. Be ready for the hard times’. Wisdom comes from God. He speaks to us with words of wisdom (2:6; 6-8). Wisdom is not only […]


February 12, 2019

I pity down deep in my heart any man or woman that lives under the bondage of death! If you are under it, may God bring you out today! May you come right out into the liberty of the blessed gospel of the Son of God. Jesus Christ came into the world to destroy death, […]

DL Moody

February 12, 2019

Dwight L. Moody didn’t attend school beyond the fifth grade; he couldn’t spell, and his grammar was awful. His manners were often brash and crude, and he never became an ordained minister. Once, before his conversion, he so outraged an Italian shoe salesmen with a prank, that the man chased him with a sharp knife, […]

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