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January 14, 2015

UNTIL YOUR GRAND OR CHILDREN are not working+ give them 5 dollar to go to church,,At the end of the year give them a cola raise of 2 percent. The bible satys a kid always returns to his or hers childhood upbringing.If they are going to church when you dies they will get a thousand […]

something hard to understand now makes sense

January 13, 2015

1999 words so sorryDead or Alive? Creflo Dollar Have you ever read the scriptures in the Bible that talk about how we were crucified with Christ, how we died with Him, and how we’ve been resurrected with Him? (Romans 6:4; Galatians 2:20; Colossians 3:3). You may have read them from a religious standpoint and thought, […]

PERSONAL NOTE ..just in passing

December 21, 2014

We all have heard the phrase the  path is long and narrow to Heaven,  As I grow in Christ, thru the word, I understand more everyday its meaning.  Thousands up on thousands who have heard of Jesus but really don’t understand  the real meaning…Just ask a couple of your family and friends how one becomes […]


December 3, 2014

Question: “Who is Jesus Christ?” Answer: Unlike the question “Does God exist?” very few people question whether Jesus Christ existed. It is generally accepted that Jesus was truly a man who walked on the earth in Israel 2000 years ago. The debate begins when the subject of Jesus’ full identity is discussed. Almost every major […]


December 3, 2014

Think about the filth in this world,,There is no body or thing clean enough to be approved in the eyes of God. We all are sinners Some smaller and some bigger than most. You can be locked up in a closet with duct tape and a blind fold and still sin in your mind and […]

My family sins more than Yours!!

December 1, 2014

       God will not bless a nation that goes into wickedness. America has for many decades now flaunted God’s holy Laws. We have snubbed our noses at almighty God by flocking to SIN CITY Las Vegas by the droves to commit wickedness. Abortion is the ultimate child abuse. Our nation has mercilessly killed over 50,000,000 […]


November 21, 2014

WHEN you look at this rugged old man?? I pray you see your son, Jesus ON THE CROSS. May the BLOOD, he shed 7 times on the way to the Cross? Cover all my mistakes in life? May my name be written in the book of life, for what Jesus did at CALVARY!! I pray […]


November 8, 2014

What Does the Bible Say About the Sabbath? Frequently Asked Questions Is the Sabbath day Saturday or Sunday according to the Bible? Is it wrong to work on Saturday or Sunday? Why do Christians go to church on Sunday instead of Saturday? Why don’t Christians obey the Ten Commandments about the Sabbath? When does the […]


October 31, 2014

THEY WERE UNBELIVABLY SHAMEFUL TURNING away from God. He did everything for their parents and friends, Oh how we forget his wonderful mercy. All it takes is a few unbelieving generations for a country to go to Hell! This has now happens to the USA. When all the baby boomers die off, the generations that […]


October 30, 2014

Its what we believe,,,Its believing not performing that saves a man or woman,, It’s All About Jesus What if I told you its not about going to church? What if I told you it’s not about Emmaus Road Church, or any other church for that matter? What if I told you it’s not about how […]

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