In the bible god says”

‘if a hand offends us cut it off? If an eye causes us to sin pluck it out? Most people reading these verses take it literally in ither\ meaning………….another thing it doesnt say the bible that nost peiople are going to hell,,It says the path is narrow,,,When you take out all the corrupt man made religions and non-believers, the path is defintely narrow,,,Based on the billions who have came and gone over the ages, what is 20 billion or so who make it?

What Jesus is referring too? If a person prefers living under the law of MOSES instead of the Grace of God, be preparred to do the above. Same thing with an eye for an eye,,,,

When we live under GRACE, we can and are forgiven if we are believers in JESUS AND the Cross…all of our sins are forgiven and cleansed by the Blood of Jesus at Calvary,,Past, present and Future,,

For all my Muslims friends, There is no sin too big for God to forgive if we ask him!!

Can someone tell me of a religious figure who voluntarily gave his life for sinners??I f being good pays the bill?? Why did Jesus voluntarily die non the cross,, nIf a person has to be saved by water babtism? Explain how Jesus aka God tell the thief today I will see you in Paradise,,,I don’t remember the show being stopped so the dude could be babtised?

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