Brother Dollar teaches a great sermon on spirit lives,,,here is a copy of his study notes…enjoy mlbLife in the Spirit
Author: Dr. Creflo A. Dollar

God created the law to expose sin but the law brought with it guilt and condemnation. When you become a Christian, you are to live by the Spirit and not by the law. Through Jesus Christ, you are set free from the law. Walking in the Spirit is the power to live according to the Word and not the dictates of your flesh, or carnal way of thinking. Believers are no longer subject to sin. When you walk in the Spirit, you will not fulfill the desires of your flesh.


The law was created by God to expose sin, but it will not deliver you from your sinful nature (Romans 7:5-25, AMP).
The law was given by God.
The purpose of the law is to expose sin and make people aware of wrong behavior.
The law is not the enemy; it just reveals the truth about sin.
Things are not sinful unless there is a law stating them as such.
Without the law, you would not know a particular behavior was sinful.
The law was given to give life, but instead brought guilt and condemnation.
When you are under the law you are subject to the judgment of the law.
Because of Adam’s fall in the Garden of Eden, man is sinful by nature (carnal minded).
Man is not released from his sinful state just because of the law.

Christians are to walk in the Spirit because they have been liberated from the law through Jesus Christ.
Walking in the Spirit means walking and living according to the Word of God.
Walking in the flesh is walking and living in opposition to the Word of God.
There is no condemnation to those who walk in the Spirit.
When you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you died to your flesh and became free from the law.
The law applies to a person that is living (Romans 7:1-4).
Christians are no longer subject to the law or its power.
God condemned sin in the flesh through His Son, Jesus (Romans 8:1-11).
God sent Jesus to become sin so that the righteous and just fulfillment of the law might fully be met in those who live by the Spirit (Romans 8:4-11).
When God gave His Son, Jesus, He superseded the law.
Through Jesus you have been called to liberty and freedom from sin; you don’t have to sin if you don’t want to (Galatians 5:13-23).
Liberty has boundaries.
Do not use the liberty God has given you as an excuse to sin.

Walking in the Spirit will enable you to not fulfill the lust of the flesh.
Walking in the Spirit gives life, but walking in the flesh brings death.
The flesh, or carnal way of thinking, can only gain supremacy when you are not walking in the Spirit, or according to the Word of God.
The answer to all issues and temptations of the flesh is to walk in the Spirit.
There is no sin that the blood of Jesus can’t cleanse.
If you don’t walk in the Spirit you will try to restrain yourself from sin through imposing restrictions on yourself and by your own willpower.
When you walk according to the Word of God and allow the Holy Spirit to help you, your spirit will control your flesh.
In order to be successful in life, Christians must walk in the Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit ultimately boils down to walking in the love of God.
When you walk in the Spirit you will display the fruit of the Spirit in your life (Galatians 5:22, 23).
When you were born again, the Holy Spirit poured the love of God into your heart (Romans 5:5).
You have the ability to love others as God does.
Love is the opposite of selfishness.
Every work of the flesh is based in selfishness.
Think spiritually by thinking in line with the Word of God and the love of God.
Love is power.
You won’t have power unless you are walking in the Spirit.
If you don’t love others, it is evident that the love of God is not in you.
Love is not greedy, selfish or self-seeking.
Walking in the Spirit and love of God is a choice.
To end the struggle of the flesh, set your mind to walk in love at all times.

Scripture References

Romans 7:5-25, AMP
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