whaT about me LORD?? ME ME ME

What About Us?
Malachi’s message went straight to the heart of the problem and challenged the people to examine their lives closely in seven important areas. We might do well today to allow the Spirit of God to examine our hearts in this same way, to see if we are being real in all that we do for Him.

By Tim Hadley,,,EVERYDAY I will add the 7 lessons God teaches us in MALACHI

LESSON NUMBER 1. Rejoice in that Coming Day
The seventh and last lesson that Malachi teaches us is to look forward to that coming Day of the Lord. This is not the rapture – when the Lord comes for His own – but His second coming, when He comes to reign. As the Sun of Righteousness, the Lord Jesus is Israel’s hope. During this time the Lord Jesus will reign as King of Kings, and the Church will reign with Him. Every Christian should look forward to this day – to His Day! 

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