DO YOU KNOW? are do you care?

God worked thru the people who comitted the worse sins for the gospel of Christ, He used murderers and prostitutes to be saved,

There is no one so bad he won’t accept if we ask him to do so!!
I would be very embarrassed to tell anyone of the sins I have done in my lifetime. Thank God has forgotten them…I wish I could as well. I tend to live under the law at times.

Until, we refine our minds to grace living, the law will always condemn us. Amen

If you are new creature in Christ? Let me suggest, read the word of God as much as you can, A person must refine their mind, Just being saved is not good enough. ,cheers MLB

Back when the apostles were on earth,,,the devil did everything possible, to disrupt their message on the Gospel,,sound familiar? Go to any subject on the internet and see how he works,,aka satan

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