“Moving Toward Full Disclosure ” by Don McGee

A Mom Looking Up

Moving Toward Full Disclosure

by Don McGee

Except for one group, every person on the face of this planet is constantly having every aspect of their lives recorded, to be used as testimony against them in a supreme court of law. This has nothing to do with government intelligence agencies spying on people whether that government is libertarian or totalitarian. This has to do with the cold hard fact that God is documenting every word, thought and deed that people entertain, and this information will be used against them in His court of final judgment as seen in Revelation 20:11ff.

The only people this does not apply to are Christians, for they will never appear before God’s great white throne judgment. Rather their sins, whether in word, thought or deed, are never to be held against them (Romans 8:1) because they have been paid for by Jesus. Their only judgment…

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